Shower Glass Hull

Useful Information

Drawings & Templates

We can use customer’s drawings for shapes holes or cut outs, alternatively we can take the information required from your template to create an exact copy on glass / mirror. Templates must be hard copy originals e.g. hardboard 2mm MDF, paper templates are not suitable.

Drilled Glass


Scratches and sleeks not visible from 2 meter viewing distance acceptable. Bubbles and inclusions not greater than 2mm at least 150mm apart acceptable. Occasional white scars near to edge of glass zone acceptable.


+/- 5mm per meter measurement along the straight edge. Torsion is measured with the glass laid flat on its straight edges and under its own weight.

Thermal Strength

Annealed Material withstands temperatures of up to 700 degrees.

Technical information

Glass Thickness
6mm – 12mm

+/- 3mm

Squareness is measured by comparison of diagonals.

All thickness of glass can be produced with
the following options;

  • Arrissed
  • Ground
  • Polished

Holes Diameter
6mm – 49.5mm
50mm – 100mm

Diameter Tolerance
+/- 0.5mm
+/- 1mm

Diameter of holes must be equal to thickness of glass away from the edge to the centre of the hole.

Hole positions:

  • Measurement from edge of glass to edge of hole must be no less than 1.5 times the thickness of the glass
  • Measurement from the corner of the glass to the edge of hole must be no less than 4 times the thickness of glass

The tolerance of the hole position will be between +/- 1mm and +/- 3mm dependant on the glass size and thickness.

We supply all of the following products

  • Single glass from 2mm thickness upwards.
  • Safety Glass either toughened or laminated.
  • Horticultural Glass.
  • Mirrors in 3mm, 4mm or 6mm thickness, all of which can be safety backed.
  • Framed pictures or framed mirrors.
  • Double Glazed Units.
  • Bathroom / wet room screens shower doors.

All fixtures and fittings are available for all our products supplied in good quality polished chrome or stain finishes.

Witham Glass supply bespoke mirrors that comply with regulation standards of quality, safety and performance.

Bathroom Mirrors Hull

We have in stock at all times 3mm, 4mm and 6mm mirrors. These can be edged, etched, bevelled, or painted. Safety backing is recommended if installed in bathroom wet rooms or shower rooms and also in any public place. We also supply Acrylic or polycarbonate mirrors in various thickness. These are ideal if installed in schools or public places where the safety of the user is paramount.

Handling, Storage & Maintenance

When handling glass / mirrors ensure precautions are taken to handle safely using suitable gloves and protective equipment as required. Care must be taken to ensure the glass / mirrors is not impacted by other objects when carried. Particular caution should be taken with edges and corners.

When storing glass / mirrors special care should be taken to stack it on edges and on wood or other suitable material which is relatively soft. Spacers should be applied to the surface of glass / mirrors to prevent face to face contact.

Glass Maintenance

When cleaning glass / mirrors ‘Witham Glass Cleaner’ should be used and applied with a clean soft cloth as per directions on the container. The use of oil based cleaners should be avoided.

When sticking mirrors to walls or similar surface it is important to use mirror adhesive or similar proprietor products, under no circumstance should other none proprietor adhesives should be used.

Glass for Shower Units

Toughened Safety Glass

We manufacture single float toughened glass for use in retail, domestic or commercial applications.

All toughened glass in produced in house manufactured in accordance to BSEN 12150 and all toughen glass has the WG stamp on it.

Toughened Safety Glass

Witham Glass has been painting glass for its customers for many years.

These products have proven to be very popular in design and utilised both commercially and within the home. Examples shown depict the use of this technique for the home or elsewhere. Painted glass can be matched to an existing colour within the environment you are looking to locate providing that you have the ‘RAL’ number otherwise only a close match would be available. It is also available in toughened or laminate glass.

Painted Glass

Glass delivery throughout the UK

Mirrors and glass need special care and attention during transport. This is why we have our own specialised vehicles to deliver your new purchase to your chosen destination in perfect condition. Most deliveries are conducted free of charge within the Hull area and we also have regular deliveries throughout Yorkshire and nationally.

We can deliver to most parts of the country (minimum value applies). If in doubt please call.

UK Delivery

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