Our Products & Services

We supply all of the following products

  • Single glass from 2mm thickness upwards
  • Safety Glass either toughened or laminated.
  • Horticultural Glass.
  • Mirrors in 3mm, 4mm or 6mm thickness, all of which can be safety backed.
  • Framed pictures or framed mirrors.
  • Double Glazed Units.
  • Bathroom / wet room screens shower doors.

All fixtures and fittings are available for all our products supplied in good quality polished chrome or stain finishes.

Toughened Safety Glass

We manufacture single float toughened glass for use in retail, domestic or commercial applications.

All toughened glass in produced in house manufactured in accordance to BSEN 12150 and all toughen glass has the WG stamp on it.

Technical information

Glass Thickness
6mm – 12mm

+/- 3mm

Squareness is measured by comparison of diagonals.

All thickness of glass can be produced with
the following options;

  • Arrissed
  • Ground
  • Polished

Holes Diameter
6mm – 49.5mm
50mm – 100mm

Diameter Tolerance
+/- 0.5mm
+/- 1mm

  • Diameter of holes must be equal to thickness of glass away from the edge to the centre of the hole.
  • Hole positions:
  • Measurement from edge of glass to edge of hole must be no less than 1.5 times the thickness of the glass
  • Measurement from the corner of the glass to the edge of hole must be no less than 4 times the thickness of glass

The tolerance of the hole position will be between +/- 1mm and +/- 3mm dependant on the glass size and thickness